Choroi Kantele 9 string Diatonic harp

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When the first kantele was played in Finnish mythology, man and beast listened spellbound to the magical sound. Just like the mythological plucked instrument back then, our Choroi Kantele enchants the listener today. It is made of solid ash wood and with its open design and the lemniscate inside it reminds us of the original Finnish models.

The instrument has 9 strings that can be tuned diatonically and pentatonically.  The traditional way of playing on the knees is possible as well as holding the kantele in the hands.

9 strings, range: c'-d'-e'-f'-g'-a'-b'-c''-d''.

Solid ash wood.

39.8 x 18.49 x 4.98 cm.

Made in Germany by Choroi.