Fractions coins with pegs for hundred board

TFJ coins with pegs, fractions set

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These fraction coins are 1-inch diameter.  They offer more learning and play with your ten, twenty, and hundred frames as your child places each into the dimples of the boards.  This listing is for the coins only, no board or balls are included (only in photos for demonstration). 

Some activity ideas:
• Create a number line of fractions according to their size. Remember the value of the fraction is based on the whole number you start with.
• Learn about Numerators and Denominators. Sort and line up fractions based on their numerators and denominators.
• Use your frame board to show the fraction using balls-- 2/3 can be two red balls and one blue ball.
• Fill up one quadrant of your hundred frame with balls to show 1/4.
• Learn about Equivalent Fractions
• Line up ten wool balls in a few different colors on one line. Ask your child to label the fraction for each colored ball. For instance, there are four pink balls. That's 4/10. There are five blue balls, that's 1/2 or 5/10. And that leaves 1/10 of the balls as the last color, perhaps yellow.
• Use the fraction coins with our Number Coins for creating Mixed Fractions.
• Simplify fractions to convert to smaller denominators.

With Pegs fits all of our Ten, Twenty, and Hundred Frame versions.
Ink is printed directly onto the coins (no paint or stickers).

NOTE: This listing is for the coins only and does not include a board.  The Hundred Boards are available separately in the shop. 

Please Also Note: These coins are not very robust to withstand falls or shocks.  If thrown or dropped on a hard floor, there is a chance for breakage.

Made in the Unites States by Treasures from Jennifer.