complete playstand set

$950.00 CAD

This complete set has the combination directly equipped with two play stands, two roof arches and two connectors.  A child has a special kind of playhouse.

  • Complete playhouse set
  • Made of solid wood
  • Easy assembly
  • Made of pine wood

Each of the 2 individual playstands (without taking the arch into consideration) is 92 cm long x 36 cm deep.  Overall height is 120 cm.  Height of the top shelf is 60 cm. 

Please note: The play cloths are decorative and are not included.  We can recommend the Sarah's Silks silkscapes or large cotton play cloths that we carry.  Shop shelves or theatre addition for sale separately.

Flat-pack box weight & dimensions: 25 Kg, 117 x 41 x 23 cm

Made in Germany.