Taking Care takes Time. Some delays by post are to be expected.

Taking Care takes Time. Some delays by post are to be expected.

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cuddle cards

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by Yvonne van Meteren & Margot Pieters

Purchase just the cards, just the journal, or pair both for an interactive experience.

We recommend the cuddle card journal for ages 5 years and up. Even older children and adults can enjoy these simple but meaningful prompts. The journal can be used to ask questions aloud and share answers with each other.

Nest Note: This is an absolute favourite from all items we sell in our shop in our family. I don't suppose that every family would use it quite the same way. I can share how it grew naturally to be used for us. We have the cuddle cards pack, which our children as young as 4 years have enjoyed, looking through the cards, or as a simple prompt for us to riff on together. The cuddle cards deck is certainly very sweet. However, it's the journal that really has been cherished in our family life. In our home with our young children, kindergarten and early primary ages, we ask the questions from the journal in a very neutral tone, and the adults listen with focus, but we don't respond with any judgements to the answers. Along with a gratitude practice, for us it is an early introduction to journalling before bed. The sharing becomes a time of trust, and we wish to encourage that they can speak freely with us, without us jumping in with our opinions during this special sacred time.

Also available in German or Dutch.