cuddly dolphin

SE Y21052

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Certified organic cotton outer dolphin with wool stuffing in head.  Zippered section for inlet in cotton bag, so that inlet may be removed for washing the sheep.

The cherrystone or spelt inlet makes for a soft padding for the sheep as a stuffy, with the added bonus as well as having the option to heat the removable inlet in the oven on low heat for a warm stuffy on chilly winter nights.

Small is filled with cherrystone pit inlet, and is ~36 cm (14 inches) long.

Large is filled with spelt chaff inlet, and is ~61 cm (24 inches) long.

Made in Germany.

Please note that because there is light wool filling in the head, we recommend washing with woolwash by hand or in front loader on woollens setting. Air-dry only, but in this case, in a well-ventilated sunny location where it may dry out thoroughly in short time.



Cherry pits in small size, origin from EU: Immediately after pitting the cherry pits get cleaned purely mechanically with water - without using any other chemical matters besides water.  Immediately after that cleaning process, the cherry pits get heated up to a minimum of 55 degrees Celsius (131 Fahrenheit) over a period of up to 24 hours.  To the current state of knowledge, after this process the pits are not germinable.  The moisture then contained in the pits is measured at 7 to 8% after drying.  After this mechanical cleaning (without using any chemical matters other than water), and the thermal treatment afterwards, the cherry pits are suitable as filling material for thermal pillows.

Spelt husks (husks of the plant triticum spelta), origin from Germany:  After the dehulling process (separation of kernels and husks), the spelt husks pass through a multi-level purification.  Dust, heavy particles, and foreign particles get separated by sieves and aspiration.  The spelt hulls get sorted by shape and weight.  The moisture content is about 8-10%.  By this tide mechanical cleaning, the spelt husks are then suitable as filling materials for pillows.