Curaprox Swiss ultra-soft toothbrush


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Gentle and unbelievably efficient. Curaprox of Switzerland makes these ultra soft toothbrushes to be all at once extremely gentle on gums (which is very nice for those with receding gumlines in particular or to avoid such a condition), and, thanks to the CUREN filament bristles, capable of such an effective tooth cleaning that one feels like they've just come from a cleaning with their hygienist.

We highly recommend these toothbrushes as part of overall dental care regimen. While they may cost a little more than a regular drugstore toothbrush, the difference in your dental care is significant. They clean teeth so much more effectively, and without hurting or damaging gums, thanks to each toothbrush's 5,460 CUREN® filaments. A CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush offers gentleness and efficiency – and is popular all over the world. 5,460 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter.

Curaprox toothbrushes come in a fun assortment of colours. Please let us know if you have preferences for colours.

Made in Switzerland.