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Disana beanie knit wool cap (discontinued)

Disana beanie knit wool cap (discontinued)

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A wool knit beanie like no other.  Just put it on and you're done.  The soft pearl knit makes our disana beanie particularly elastic and comfortable to wear. Made entirely of soft merino new wool and knitted with three threads, it is particularly warm.  A fine, knitted-in part lining made of cotton ensures that nothing scratches the forehead or temple.  The Disana beanie is available in two different lengths.  Classic and extra long as a long beanie.  Here is the classic for sale.

Material: 100% virgin wool / Knitted part lining: 100% cotton.

Merino wool from organic farming.  Organic cotton.

The beanie from Disana is available in Size 1, 2, or 3.  We stock them in the largest size, Size 3, which typically fits a child with head circumference 50-54 cm (and will even fit some adults with smaller circumference heads).

Made in Germany by Disana.

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