Disana organic wool felt toddler shoes


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Florian Werner and his team are no strangers when it comes to sustainably manufactured shoes made from purely natural materials.  Whenever well-made manual work is mentioned, when a fresh design and the use of natural leather is required, the name Werner comes to mind in the shoe scene.

Florian Werner is not only concerned with shoe production itself.  Like Disana, it starts at the very beginning of the supply chain.  The pastures, the animal welfare, the vegetable tanning, the dyeing of the leather.  Everything makes sense and in the end results in an amazing natural material - the finest organic natural leather.  An ideal addition to Disana's recycled organic wool felt.

The shoes are manufactured in the Werner workshops in Romania and Slovakia.
 They are sold by Disana, with pride under the label "Disana & Werner 1911".