Disana wool wash

Disana wool wash


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Disana's Wool Shampoo matches to the very specific demands of natural wool.  It preserves the sensitive wool fibres and minimizes the risk of a possible felting
by washing.  An extract of panama bark acts as natural foam former and improves the cleaning power, also with cold hand washing.  As a concentrate, it can be used very sparingly and is sufficient for many wool and silk washings.

For machine washes: 15 ml per wash (1/2 capful).  Only wash woollens in the machine on a cold wool wash; set temperature to “cold” (25°C); do not spin; do not leave in the suds.

For hand washes: 5 ml per 4 litres of water.  Use lukewarm water (25°C). Do not rub or scrape at woollens, simply wash through briefly. Only place woollens briefl y in the water and rinse out after washing with lukewarm water.  The pH value is adapted to that of natural wool.  This makes Disana wool shampoo especially suitable for the gentle washing of high-quality wool and silk, e.g. angora, cashmere or medically tanned lambskin.

Ingredients / INCI: 15-30% amphoteric surfactants, panama bark tree extract, tensid of plant origin, citrid acid.

Store out of the reach of children.  

Fragrance-free, kind to the skin and the environment.  Made without animal testing.

200 ml.

Made in Germany.