Discovering the Underground with Snow White

ISBN 9788000059433

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Written by Tom VelčovskýIllustrated by Jakub Cenkl

There are not only dwarves in the underground. This hidden kingdom is full of interesting animals, things, and phenomena, as this mix of encyclopedia and fairy tale will show you.

Once upon a time there was a Queen who only cared about her looks. She believed she was the most beautiful woman in the world, except for her stepdaughter Snow White. She was more beautiful and the jealous queen could not accept it, so she decided to get rid of Snow White. And what happened to the beautiful princess and her evil stepmother? In addition to the well-known fairy tale there are seven richly illustrated gatefolds where you can also learn about what lies underground, who works there apart from the seven dwarves, and which animals live there. You can also learn about underground structures and other curiosities associated with the realm below the Earth’s surface.

Recommended by the publisher for children ages 6-9 years.  Recommended by Nest for studying Grade 6 geology, as the details are lovely.

Hardcover.  9 x 9 inches.  7 spread with gatefolds.

Published by Albatros Books.