DIY spinning top

BECK 50014

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Spinning tops, perfect for birthday loot bags, party favours, a tooth fairy gift, stocking stuffer, or just a little fun just because.

We find these blank wooden tops a great activity for young children, starting at even as young as 5 years old (they could colour it at a younger age, but the finesse to make a wooden top spin perhaps starts at around 5 or 6 years old, although it can vary), and then even for older children and adults, painting or drawing a pattern that will optically come to life in motion is a fun little activity. Pencil crayons or our Stockmar paint with a little beeswax finish recommended. Stockmar watercolours or Stockmar paints in a tin work well.

Made of European hardwood, with non-toxic surface.

Sold individually.

4.2 cm diameter.

Made in Germany.