DK Find Out! Ancient Egypt

DK Find Out! Ancient Egypt

ISBN 9781465457530

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This fun, fact-filled book for kids ages 6–9 is the ultimate guide to Ancient Egypt, from pharaohs to mummies. Entertaining and educating young readers through a combination of close-up images, quirky trivia facts, quiz questions, and fascinating tidbits, it’s the perfect book for any kid who can’t get enough of this remarkable civilization.

How big was the Egyptian Empire? Why was the Nile so important? How were mummies made? Find out the answers to these questions and more in DKfindout! Ancient Egypt, which features photographs of artifacts and relics, as well as maps and illustrations depicting the structure of Egyptian society, from famous pharaohs to common farmers, and the extent of their civilization. This book explores every facet of Ancient Egypt’s iconic culture, including its many gods and goddesses, its hieroglyphic writing system, and its most well-known landmarks, like pyramids, obelisks, and sphinxes. From papyrus to pottery, DKfindout! Ancient Egypt details this civilization’s lasting impact in a unique and fun way.

Vetted by educational consultants, the DKfindout! series drives kids ages 6–9 to become experts on more than 30 of their favorite STEM- and history-related subjects, whether Vikings, volcanoes, or robots.  This series covers the subjects that kids really want to learn about—ones that have a direct impact on the world around them, like climate change, space exploration, and rapidly evolving technology—making learning fun through amazing images, stimulating quizzes, and cutting-edge information.  The DKfindout! series is one that kids will want to turn to again and again.

Recommended by the publisher for ages 6-9 years old.  Recommended by Nest owners for ages 10 years and up.  This is a rich book with a lot of details and content.

Softcover, 64 pages.

DK Publishing.