'RoadMap to Literacy' Early Literacy Main Lesson Books, alternating blank/lined pages

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These main lesson books were specifically designed to complement the 'RoadMap to Literacy' learning-to-read program.  The reasoning behind the layout, spacing and colour of the lines has been well thought out to help children intrinsically with their literacy journey.

They can naturally be used for one's own homeschooling journey.  Please do have a look at the RoadMap to Literacy curriculum if you haven't already.

Developed for students in the early grades, these main lesson books alternate between blank pages and soft blue lines, 1-inch ruled pages.  With the lines already in these books, lesson time is not spent creating lines (as students often do with large block crayons in their blank notebooks, which is great but takes time each lesson).  Based on indications for what helps students when learning to read and write from Roadmap to Literacy, these books are an innovative aid for students and teachers alike.

Every page is made from quality 120 g paper for beautiful artwork and writing.  These books are a large portrait size in 28 x 35.5 cm (11 x 14 inches).  They are spiral bound with 32 pages starting with a blank first page. 

The lined pages have room for a title and a margin for a decorative border.  

There are 2 options for the thickness of the lines. 

1.  Recommended for Grades 1-3.  The lined portions are 1 inch (~2.5 cm) thick, ruled with a dotted midline, so that each of the sections above and below the dotted lines are ½ inch thick.  The skip space in between lines is also ½ inch.  The lines themselves are in a faint, soft blue colour.

2.  Recommended for Grades 2-4.  The lined portions are 0.6 inches (~1.5 cm) thick, with a dotted mid-line.

The outer front and back covers are available in 6 different colours.

No onion skin.

Printed in the Netherlands.