economy main lesson book, no onion skin

MER 15120413

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These lesson books feature heavy 120 gsm (31 lb.) chlorine-free and acid-free paper which is well-suited for use with crayons or ink.  The stapled binding offers a more affordable price as well as biodegradable materials (as opposed to plastic spiral binding).  The cover is 280 gsm (73 lb.) card stock with durable and pleasing dappled impression.

32 pages, landscape format, all blank pages, no onion skin, 6 colours available.

Economy lesson books *with* onion skin also available from our store.  The 'onion skin' is in fact a thin waxy sheet in between each pair of pages that serves to protect crayon or ink from transferring between pages.

32 cm long x 24 cm high.  (12.6 x 9.45 inches).

Made in the EU for Mercurius.