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MER 25543010

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These 2 brushes are truly a breakthrough in the field of synthetic bristle brushes; they can be perfectly suited to veiling, watercolouring, and wet-on-wet painting.  They are not only 'equal' to the natural bristle brushes (polecat, cow, and boar bristles), but they even exceed their capabilities in certain areas.  The brushes are soft, flexible, resistant to deformation and the absorption and release capacity is amazingly high.  They are of a very high quality in their painting abilities, FSC certified wood, and offer a nice option for vegans, with the sparing of animal hair.

We truly recommend this paintbrush for wet techniques, but also for the use of dry paints, oil, acrylic, and so on.  Just like natural bristle brushes suitable for wet techniques, this brush is also available in two types, synthetic polecat or synthetic cow.

These brushes are also used in occupational therapy.  The special shaped handle makes them an excellent choice for children and adults with a motor limitation and/or handicap.  The perfect balance incorporated in these brushes also facilitates foot painting. The brushes are provided with a brown wax coating.

2 options: #10 (round pointed) 'synthetic polecat' bristles or #16 (wide) 'synthetic cow hair' bristles.

Made in the European Union.