Expandable rainbow pentatonic glockenspiels with removable notes, 8-note pentatonic with 4 block spacers

DECR 5618

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Includes frame to fit 12 notes. Comes with 8 notes and four blank wooden spacers.

For sale separately is 4-note set to expand into diatonic scale.

As the blocks are removable, in this manner, one can take out the notes that are not being played in a particular song, and replace them with a blank spacer to make learning less difficult and more focused. Or one might choose to begin with diatonic scale for younger child, as is typically done in Waldorf education.

Extra blanks are available for sale separately in case one would like to remove even more notes, and replace with blanks for song with fewer notes.

Overall dimensions: 46 cm long x 15 cm deep x 4.5 cm high (18.1" long x 5.9" deep x 1.8" high)

Also by special request we can order a 12 note frame with half tones, to turn the frame into a 20-note full scale.

Made in Germany.