extra large kite paper (special order)

extra large kite paper (special order)

MER 10135190

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This paper is suitable for making actual kites.  Or for BIG window stars!

Kite paper is a very solid wax paper in bright colours.  Traditionally this paper was for kite making, but it is also useful for many other crafting purposes such as colourful window decorations or folded stars.

It comes in a pack of 100 sheets of 11 assorted colours.  Each sheet is 50 x 70 cm.  It is identical density, feel, eg, to the smaller packs of kite paper that are most popular for making window stars.

01 blue | 02 brown | 03 dark green | 04 dark purple | 05 yellow | 06 golden yellow | 07 light green | 08 orange | 09 purple | 10 red | 12 white

It ships rolled in a sturdy thick cardboard tube.

Made in Germany.