rainbow fairy silk wings (with thumb loops)

SS 315 rainbow new

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What could be more magical than having your own pair of wings?

These from Sarah's Silks are hand painted and open-ended so children can add their imaginations into their play.

The garland armbands make it easy to put the wings on 'like a backpack'.  Please note that Sarah's Silks has recently updated their wings from the old style of garland wristbands to a new style with thumb loops (due to the need for a change in accordance with toy safety regulations).  The new thumb loops do make it possible for children to flap the wings inwards more by tilting their hands forward, which is nice, but it also means that the wings won't fit a much older child with longer arms, where the wristbands previously could either hang loose or ride up the forearms a little if need be...).

Butterfly or dragonfly are only suggestions, children will use them over and over again in many ways.

We love styles that are open-ended so children can imagine they are any number of things:

  • Butterflies
  • Dragonflies
  • Fairies
  • Dragons
  • Birds
  • Lady Bugs
  • Bats
  • and more...

Hand wash/hang dry/medium iron.

100% real silk.  Painted and silk-screened by hand.  Eco-friendly, made with non-toxic dye.