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Feathers: Not Just for Flying

Feathers: Not Just for Flying

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by Melissa Stewart; Illustrated by Sarah Brannen

Young naturalists explore sixteen birds in this elegant introduction to the many, remarkable uses of feathers.  A concise main text highlights how feathers are not just for flying.  More curious readers are invited to dig deeper with informative sidebars that underscore how feathers of all shapes and sizes help birds with warming or cooling, protect them from the sun, help them swim, glide or even dig.  With a range of common and exotic species readers will be engaged by both the new and the familiar. Beautiful and delicate watercolour illustrations showcase life-size feathers and compare them to everyday objects.  With a scrapbook design, Feathers is part science journal, part read-along nonfiction, making it a wonderful resource for nature studies and a delight for the youngest bird lovers.

Publisher recommended for readers ages 6-9 years, but we at Nest think even older children and some adults might pick up some knowledge and enjoyment here too.


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