'fire' spinning top learning set

'fire' spinning top learning set

MADER 311R IB301

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5 tops from very easy to very difficult.  The one who masters all tasks earns the title of 'kreiselmaster'.

Contains 2 Rallye tops, 1 upside-down reversing top, 1 mini top in a glass vial, and 1 Thunderstorm spinning top.

  • 1. Spin one Rallye top.
  • 2. Spin the Rallye top with your other hand.
  • 3. Spin both Rallyes with both hands.
  • 4. Hold the Rallye upside-down, snap twist it, and let it spin on its stem.
  • 5. Spin the miniature top, and then also spin it upside down.
  • 6. Spin the upside-down top so that it flips over.
  • 7. Spin the upside-down top on its stem. 8. If you can spin the Thunderbolt, you are finally now a KreiselMaster - a Top Champion!

Set made in Austria.