Forest School Wild Play

ISBN 9781786784209

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Outdoor Fun with Earth, Air, Fire & Water

by Jane Worroll & illustrated by Peter Houghton

Aimed at parents, teachers and Forest School leaders, this new book from Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton is packed full of fantastic new Forest School activities.  It has a special focus on the elements and on making children feel connected to the natural world through imagination and storytelling.   

This is the third book in the brilliant Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton Forest School series, containing all-new games, crafts and skill-building activities for fun woodland time with kids.  The theme is the four Western elements – air, fire, earth and water – with the overall message being one of sustainability and the amazing web of life of which we are all part. 

The activities are designed to help children to get a sense of their place in nature and understand what they can to do help protect it.  For air, make kites and whistles out of sticks, or learn to how to predict the weather by reading the clouds.  For fire, build a rocket stove, trace the sun's path with a homemade sun dial, or craft a collecting basket, fill it with firewood and then make a fire.  For earth, make a mud slide, try mud painting on cloth or sculpt a forest troll.  For water, make natural dye and potions, or build dams in a stream to see how the water course changes.

Softcover, 168 pages.

Watkins Publishing, 2021.