ginkgo hanging crystal

STGS 50314

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Ginkgo decoration, in the words of the maker: to energize the spirit and strengthen our will.

Nature proves itself again and again as a unique creator. The variety of styles and colours is amazing. Let time slow down and fix your gaze and focus with a hanging crystal.

Our window decorations let the room shine. Even in the millennia-old Chinese teachings of Feng Shui crystals play a central role. A hanging in the window rainbow crystal brings with the refraction of light positive energy into the room.

The handcrafted natural wood objects made of pear wood or cherry tree form an excellent basis for this. With the sparkling accents of the finest cut Swarovski crystals, these window decorations are a natural object for focus and rest.

Total height 15.5 cm.

Glass crystal 20 mm diameter (without lead content).  MADE WITH SPECTRA® CRYSTAL from Swarovski®

Wood used is either cherry tree or pear tree.

All objects have a black linen twine for suspension.

Made in Germany.