Gnome Forest Growth Chart

ISBN 9783825171575

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This beautifully illustrated growth chart may be taped to the wall or the inside of a closet door.

A lovingly designed chart, on which funny dwarfs, dancing children, and birds frolic around the tree of life. Easy to label and foldable or rollable (to keep as a childhood memory...).

Numbering begins at 60 cm (the bottom of the chart should therefore be positioned at this height from the floor), and goes to 180 cm (almost 6 ft).

A paper chart offers two advantages over a wooden or a sticker growth chart: it can be folded up and saved for memory, and it can be easily taped to the wall without leaving any marks. We recommend painter's tape, or if you aren't as concerned with it coming off without leaving any marks on the paint, double-sided tape. The paper itself is fairly lightweight.

27 x 120 cm.

8th edition printing, 2020.

Printed in Germany.