Greenfield calligraphy pens, assorted colours

SKU: MER 20315220
$17.10 CAD

Calligraphy has a rich history, and these pens are perfect for students just starting to learn calligraphy.  

Available in three nib sizes (small, medium and large) that can be easily differentiated by their different colours (green, blue and red).

The wooden barrel of the Greenfield Calligraphy Pen can be used with the Greenfield Fountain Pen nib as well.  

13 cm long, and 1.4 cm diameter.  (5.12 inches long, with 0.55 inch diameter at the handle).

Their comfortable grip is designed for both left and right-handedness.

Please note: Ink cartridges are sold separately!  Blue or black available.

Replacement parts for the calligraphy pen can also be purchased separately, if need be.