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A Family Guide to Growing Fruits and Vegetables
Have you ever wondered how plants work? Or why we eat the fruit of one plant, but the leaves of another? What’s the big deal about growing things—and how do we decide what we need to grow in the space we have? Discover the whole life cycle of food, from sowing and saving to planning and planting, and—most exciting of all—harvesting the food you’ve grown. In Grow, you’ll get all the inspiration and knowledge you need to get out there and start planting.

Included inside:
    • A visual guide to the world of plants—what they need to grow, how to care for them, and more
    • Grow your own pizza! How to plant for a recipe, with fruits and vegetables in pots or a whole vegetable garden
    • Pull-out activities including a runner-bean growth chart, a Fruit Pairs game, Rainbow Taste Wheel (turn the dial to find out which vitamins are found in each fruit and vegetable), and four sheets of stickers

Hardcover with neat 'screw' binding, 80 pages.  8.25 x 7.125 inches.

Roost Books.


About the Author:

Ben Raskin is the Head of Horticulture at the Soil Association in the UK, and a father to two. He runs courses and training on organic growing and launched the Soil Association’s flagship Organic Apprenticeship Scheme in 2007. Ben developed an interest in gardening while working on an organic vineyard in northern Italy and has worked in horticulture for eighteen years.