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In these staple-bound books, each page has 2 green and 1 pink stripes to help as a guide for writing.  The bottom of the pink stripe is the base line.  The student has to work carefully to write the upper parts of letters into the upper green stripe and the lower parts into the lower stripe.

The first one that was designed was the pink book, and this handwriting practice book's design is based on the work of Else Göttgens, a Dutch Waldorf Teacher.  The upper and lower green stripes are each about 9mm wide, but the middle stripe is just 5 mm thick.  9-6-9 therefore refers to the thickness in millimetres of the spaces to write in.

The green-covered books come in 2 versions: one with each stripe being 6mm thick, and another with each stripe being 9mm thick.

We might suggest the pink-covered or the green-covered 9-9-9 book for beginning.  And the 6-6-6 book for finer handwriting.

A4 size.  24 pages per book (that is, 12 pages, each with a front and back). 

Printed in the Netherlands.