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handwriting practice book

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This handwriting practice book's design is based on the work of Els Gottgens, a Dutch Waldorf teacher. The writing area has three stripes, two green and one pink. The upper and lower green stripes are for letters that have parts that extend up (like the top part of the letter 'd', or parts that extend down (like the tail of the letter 'p'). The bottom of the pink stripe is the base line. The student has to work carefully to write the upper parts of letters into the upper green stripe and the lower parts into the lower stripe.

24 pages, A4 landscape format.

30 x 21 cm wide. 11.69 x 8.27 inches.


  • Pink cover, with upper and lower green stripes, each ~9 mm (0.35 inch) thick, and middle pink stripe 6 mm thick.
  • Green covers, come with options for each section 6 mm thick, or each section 9 mm thick.

Which book to go with is a matter of preference. Mercurius first published the classic pink cover books with 9-6-9 strips. This penmanship practice book has been a popular product for over 25 years. Recently, educators had gotten in touch with them to ask whether they could provide one or two variations on this classic exercise book. In response to this demand, they developed new practice books to add to their selection. In two variants, the lines are still coloured green and pink but the spacing is different (i.e. the 6-6-6, or 9-9-9).

Which book to select is a matter of preference. The 9-9-9 is for much larger printing or cursive writing, so they could perhaps suit a younger child, or a person that is writing larger letters.

Printed in the Netherlands.