Home Nursing for Carers

ISBN 9780863155413

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by Tineke van Bentheim; Translated by Tony Langham and Plym Peters

Caring for a sick child or relative at home can be a daunting task, especially if longer-term care is involved.  Advice on the best remedies and how to structure your care can be invaluable.

This book covers all aspects of general home nursing, including the arrangement of the patient's room, meals, taking a temperature, and washing the patient.  It also details numerous holistic treatments including herbal and plant remedies, baths, foot-baths, compresses and poultices.  There are specific sections on pregnancy, birth, sleep, nursing the terminally ill and death.

This is a comprehensive guide to holistic home care for those nursing children and adults through an illness.

Softcover, 160 pages. 234 x 156 mm. 42 b/w illustrations.

Floris books, 2012.



'This book is written in a clear and concise style. As the title suggests, the book is for carers who are working at home and who may have no professional training in nursing.  I liked especially the chapter on plant remedies which uses plain language understandable to the ordinary reader.  Many useful hints are given throughout the book.'
-- William Milne, New View, Spring 2006


About the Author

Tineke van Bentheim has worked for many years as an anthroposophical nurse in the Netherlands.