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Japanese silk paper.  Comes in a notepad style block of 960 sheets in 20 assorted colours.  Paper is 16 x 16 cm (6.3" x 6.3"), and the density of the paper is 21 g/m².

This paper is of the finest quality in pure colours and FSC-certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council).  Whether it is for tracing, window decorations or lanterns, tissue paper is a very important craft and teaching aid in kindergarten and at school.  Tissue paper such as this is very delicate.  Normally for window stars, we recommend our 'kite paper', as this tissue paper can easily dissolve if it gets wet.  It is lovely for making lanterns or other fine crafting work.

Project idea: Crumple aluminum foil sheets into heart shapes, or other shapes. Tear tiny pieces of silk paper, and glue onto aluminum form.  Let each layer dry in between applying new layer of tissues.  You can stop at just a couple layers, or pad it more.  In the end, you will have a light, yet solid form.

We also very much like using this box to store our origami paper in our home.

Colour assortment includes (please note that the #'s are codes for the particular colours):

000 peach | 004 salmonpink | 006 dark pink | 020 light turquoise | 021 skyblue | 034 light green | 038 green | 046 brown | 047 dark brown | 056 ultramarine | 065 cyclamen | 068 yellow | 071 golden yellow | 072 baby yellow | 082 orange | 090 red | 091 carmine | 140 white | 145 black | 200 dark green

Japanese silk paper made in the Netherlands.  Wooden box made in Germany.