Just Between Us - family conversation starter cards

Just Between Us - family conversation starter cards

ISBN 9781452174839

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by Meredith & Sofie Jacobs

From the bestselling authors of the Just Between Us series comes a set of conversation cards to help the whole family get beyond the chit-chat and deepen the conversation.

Housed in a sturdy and pleasing keepsake box, these conversation starters can sit on a shelf near a family gathering place, or be tossed into a bag for a road trip.

If you like, you can slip a conversation card into the display window in the front of the box. Take turns answering the question. Then flip the card over for more ways to enrich the conversation.

With more than 150 prompts, these cards generate many rich opportunities for connection, and because the questions are open-ended, they can be reused again and again.

75 cards, front and back. More than 150 prompts.

Chronicle Books. Published April 2019.

Nest Note: We also find this to be a nice activity before bed, as a kind of journalling aloud together. We have used 'the cuddle cards journal' for this same activity, and it is an absolute family favourite for children kindergarten aged right up to adults. This set from the 'just between us' series for us feels like a natural expansion of the cuddle cards journal.


Sample prompts:

Front of card: "Imagine you're my age - what's your day like?"

Back of card, digging deeper: "Imagine you're my age - what are you like?"


About the Authors:

Sofie Jacobs graduated from the University of Michigan and lives in Rockville, Maryland.

Meredith Jacobs is an award-winning columnist and author. She lives in Rockville, Maryland.