Karl-Schubert-Gemeinschaft 13mm candles (for birthday rings)

KARLSCHUBERT 13mm beeswax box of 24

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This season again, our regular candles that we stock from Dipam in the Netherlands will not be available in large quantities.  Dipam has recently moved factories, and stock is limited. 

However, for now, the good folks at the Karl-Schubert-Gemeinschaft Werkstatten in Germany have stepped up to help fill the gap.  This sheltered workshop has similar ethos and high standards for sustainable ecology and progressive social values.  Their candles are similar diameter, and will fit the brass or aluminium candle holders for the Grimm's birthday rings.

Please note that with candles such as these from Dipam or Weckelweiler or Karl-Schubert, the burning time that one can expect may be up to twice as long as 'machine-made' beeswax candles, and the higher pricepoint may well be worth it.

12 cm long.  13 mm diameter at base.

Burning time: ~2.5 hours.  

Made in Germany.