kindergartener's paintbrush

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kindergartener's paintbrush
kindergartener's paintbrush

Well balanced for younger children. Comfortable even for an adult in the hand, but nicely manageable for younger children. It is often very hard for children to keep a long handle properly balanced in their small hands. With this in mind, they have included a special, short-handled brush in their range for kindergarten and lower grade children.

We normally recommend the brush with 18 mm width to the top of the bristles, which is ~3/4 inch. It is one most commonly used in Waldorf kindergartens and most recommended by programs such as Oak Meadow, and others for Waldorf homeschooling. 20mm wide bristles also available.

The kindergartener's paintbrush is not only for kindergarteners, but in fact used in lower elementary grades in Waldorf schools as well. Pointed tip paintbrushes are not typically introduced until high school.

Mercurius has also made a new model of this paintbrush with vegan bristles. The brush has soft bristles made of synthetic cow hair and a rust proof, closed ferrule and is finished with a white wax coating.

22 cm long.

Made in the European Union.

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