Kinderkram large cannon

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Pull the arm back and push to shoot the cannon balls (10 balls are included).

All parts of the Kinderkram Castle are hand-crafted using solid alder wood from sustainable domestic forestry.

Playing with our beautiful castle, children will immerge into long-gone worlds of knights and fairy tales.  They will re-live medieval legends and stories.

All materials used in Ostheimer toys are certified exceeding European Toy Safety standards.  They guarantee not only toys of the highest quality but also safety for your child at play.

Size: 22 x 10 x 8 cm

Recommended for 3 years and up.  It may also be more suitable for 6 years and up even, as the plunger on this particular cannon may break if pulled out abruptly and with too much force.

Ostheimer figures are made entirely by hand in Germany. The high quality of environmentally-friendly Ostheimer wooden toys is based on the use of certified materials. The warm, natural material of wood comes from sustainable domestic forestry and certified organic wood, and the selected childsafe colors and organic oils preserve the natural characteristics of the wood and make it tangible for the child. Many senses are thus involved: the grains of the surface of the wood, the smell of high-quality oils, the beautiful sight for the eye. Artistic and practical designing and painting have a focus so that the characteristic peculiarities of an animal's very typical appearance, in short its spirit, are expressed in it. This is so achieved, not in merely the naturalistic depiction that each outer detail creates, but rather the shapes and painting are deliberately limited to essentials; something special from the character and gesture of an animal or a human figure. The child is not getting something finished in the hand, not a detailed snapshot of a trotting horse with defined eyelashes and facial expression - rather, an Ostheimer wooden figure leaves the child completely immersed in the exciting world of "horse" and gives their imagination much space for play, again and again new scenes and situations to make: as the horse is galloping, standing, neighing, nestling their head against me or it lies down to rest. The design of Ostheimer figures can behave in typical fashion in their movement, as they can look at any moment quite different. All that is in the restrained design of the wooden figure in it, and the child can bring it out, imaginative play coming to life.