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knitting tower

knitting tower

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For generations, a child's first knitting experience included a simple spool and some yarn. Our Knitting Tower by Camden Rose enables young children and even adult beginners to make beautiful knitted tubes that can be coiled into hot pads, place mats, friendship bracelets and hair scrunchies.

Traditional spool knitting crafts are all the rage! Also known as a spool knitter, a knitting nancy or a lollipop knitter, our Knitting Tower Kit contains everything needed to begin knitting.

The solid birch hardwood tower holds the stitches while fingers freely move the yarn. Choose between a tighter 6-pin or a looser 4-pin stitch depending on which side of the tower you use. Yarn varies. Our Knitting Tower Kit includes yarn and illustrated instructions.

Dimensions: 3" Long
Material: Birch wood, Wool Yarn

Recommended for Ages: 5 and up

Made in the USA.

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