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St. Martin's procession lantern march postcard by Marjan van Zeyl

Postcards like these are of course nice to receive in the mail, but they are quite popular for displaying on a little cardholder in a chosen spot in the home to create a little corner that changes with the seasons and holidays... The lovely illustrations can be a gentle and reliable companion with our inner and outer worlds as we travel through our year. Also as part of a display, some people chose little treasures found outdoors during a walk, or small scenes they set up to represent certain celebrations or traditions of the season. Some fresh flowers, some found rocks or berries or leaves, pinecones, all sorts of simple items can come together to create a 'nature table'.

The lantern march is traditional in the late fall. In different cultures, it has different significance. The time when autumn wheat seeding was complete, the celebration of Old Hallowe'en, many others. For many with children in Waldorf schools, the magic of the lantern march is a special time to shine our lights in the darkness, and share some warm freshly baked bread and hot drinks together on an evening with the sun's setting noticabley sooner in the sky.

10.7 x 15 cm.

Printed in the Netherlands.

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