large 3-D Tangram (Grimm's large square with 4 cm thick blocks)

SKU: GRIMMS 43210 4 cm
$65.00 CAD $75.00

A cubic take on a classic puzzle.

Create two dimensional graphic patterns and three dimensional forms with the Creative Puzzle Square.  Hands-on playing and building with the Square is valuable in developing fine motor skills and spatial thinking skills.  We offer a template Booklet for this Creative Puzzle with 39 templates.  On 20 template cards, one can find on the left page, a two dimensional template for beginners, and on the right page, a cubic template for more advanced players, which are also a bit more tricky.

Solid wooden blocks.  Booklet available separately.

Frame is with side length of ~26.5 cm (10.5 inches).  Individual blocks are 4 cm thick.  

4 cm thick blocks are the 'standard' for what it termed 'unit blocks', so they'll match up well with other building blocks of similar size.

Made in Germany.