Lyra Super Ferby colouring pencils, singles


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With Lyra Ferby Pencils you can draw effortlessly for a very long time. This coloured pencil has a highly pigmented, super thick, 6.25 mm diameter break-resistant long-wearing lead core, which will wear 3-4 times longer than normal pencils, and require less frequent sharpening. Ferby's triangular shape helps with practicing the proper pencil hold, the tripod-grip.

Unlacquered (safer in case little ones put them in their mouths) and 17.5 cm long. Wood-sealed ends for added safety and durability.

Sold here in single pencils. Alternatively available as 6-pack, 12-pack (Waldorf selection of colours), or lacquered sets also available. Shorter Ferby pencils available for younger children who may find a 'regular length' 17.5 cm colouring pencil too long for them to start with.

For reference:

6 pack contains: 07 lemon; 18 scarlet lake; 51 prussian blue; 67 sap green; 76 van-Dyck-brown; 99 black.

12 pack contains: 04 zinc yellow; 07 lemon; 18 scarlet lake; 27 light carmine; 32 light flesh; 38 violet; 47 light blue; 51 prussian blue; 67 sap green; 70 apple green; 76 van-Dyck-brown

12-pack (Waldorf selection of colours) contains: 004 zinc yellow ¦ 007 lemon ¦ 013 light orange ¦ 018 scarlet lake ¦ 027 light carmine ¦ 034 magenta ¦ 047 light blue ¦ 051 prussian blue ¦ 067 sap green ¦ 070 apple green ¦ 076 vandyke brown ¦ 090 venetian red

Lyra Super Ferby pencils are still Made in Germany.