Lyra Ferby graphite writing pencil HB

MER 20545810

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A triangular, soft graphite pencil (HB Grade) for the first exercises in handwriting.

Unlacquered.  The triangular grip characteristic of Lyra Ferby pencils encourages a stable and proper habit for positioning and grip with the pencil.  They are also a little larger diameter than regular pencils.

Comes in short (Ferby) or long (Super Ferby) versions. The short pencil can be nicer in the hand to manage for a younger child.  The long pencil will last longer.

Dimensions: Pencil diameter is 10 mm (0.39 inch). Lead diameter 6.25 mm (0.25 inch). Short Ferby is 120 mm long (4.72 inches).  Long Super Ferby is 'regular pencil length' of 175 mm (6.89 inches).

Made in Germany or France.