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Lyra Super Ferby Waldorf Selection, 12 coloured pencils

Lyra Super Ferby Waldorf Selection, 12 coloured pencils

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Lyra Pencils Super Ferby Waldorf Assortment pencils have a sturdy, highly pigmented, thick, break-resistant lead.  These long, pencils have a rounded triangular barrel, making them well-suited for smaller hands.  The barrel's shape encourages proper grip, and the colours inspire the artist within.

With Lyra Ferby Pencils you can draw effortlessly for a very long time. 

Wood-sealed ends for added safety and durability.  Unlacquered and natural wood.

Set of 12 Pencils are 17.5 cm long.  6.25 mm diameter.  

Colours:  004 zinc yellow | 007 lemon | 013 light orange | 018 scarlet lake | 027 light carmine | 034 magenta | 047 light blue | 051 Prussian blue | 067 sap green | 070 apple green | 076 van Dijck brown | 090 Venetian red 

Made in Germany.

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