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Match a Mummy

Match a Mummy

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The Ancient Egypt Memory Game

Illustrated by Léa Maupetit

Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and match up to 20 pairs to learn more about how the Egyptians lived. 

Why did they shave their heads but wear wigs, use dark eye make-up, and worship dung beetles? How did they invent toothpaste and which internal organs did they keep before mummification?  Whoever collects the most points wins!

Includes 20 matching pairs on 40 cards, and a great booklet with explanatory text. 

Developed in conjunction with the British Museum.

Recommended by the publisher for ages 7 years and up.  Recommended by Nest in particular for ages 10-12 years, or for Grade 5 study of Ancient Egypt in Waldorf pedagogy.

Text by Anna Claybourne.  Illustrations by Léa Maupetit.  Design by Katerina Kerouli.

Laurence King.  Published in China.

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