Match A Track

ISBN 9781780679648

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Match 25 animals to their paw prints.
Show off your best animal-tracking skills in this brilliant matching game. The task is to match 25 tracks to their animal owners.  Has an elephant just crossed your path or was it an echidna?  Can you track down a coyote, make out the trail of a peacock, and recognize the paw-print of a panda?
Like all of the items we carry from Laurence King publishing, we find the box and cardstock of pleasing and durable quality.  And like all of the printed material we carry at nest, the off-gassing of the print and paper is on the low side as a concern for those who are more sensitive.
50 Illustrations By Marcel George.
144 x 100 mm, 25 cards in a box.
Recommended by the publisher for ages 4 years and up.  Nest Notes: We generally recommend for starting 5 years and up, with reduced number of cards, but possibly more for 8 years and up.