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middle school 'main lesson' book

middle school 'main lesson' book

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Rendering loop-subscriptions
cover colour, with page style
Rendering loop-subscriptions

60 pages, 21 x 25 cm (8.27 x 9.84").

Choose from 2 formats:

  • blue cover, with 2 lined sheets, followed by 1 drawing sheet
  • red cover, with 1 lined sheet, alternating with 1 blank drawing sheet

Both formats have thin 'onion skin' paper in between the pages, which are not to be drawn or written on themselves, but serve to protect ink, pencil, or colour transfer between the pages.

The books consist of 90 g writing paper and 120 g blank drawing paper.  The separation 'onion' sheets bound between the blank and ruled sheets prevent the colours of the pictures from smearing the opposing pages.  For the cover page 260 g heavy cardboard with embossing is used.

Very high-quality materials for these books, because they are mostly kept and remain a memory to these childhood years.

Made in the EU.

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