By Goki
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Even the ancient Romans whiled away their time with this popular game of skill.

This 18 cm long variant made of hardwood, crafted in Germany, is bound to draw folks in to skillful concentration.

Recommended by the maker for 5 years and up, but probably nicer for starting around 7 years and up.  A game enjoyed by all ages, including teens and adults.  Often nice for between 2 - 4 players.

31 sticks.  Comes in a cardboard box, with an elastic band bounding the sticks, and a small instruction manual included.

Made in Germany by Goki.

What's at Play?

If you have a pack of toothpicks, 31 sticks is just the right number for a traditional game of Mikado. Painting the toothpicks with coloured stripes will also add to the play given the official Mikado rules. It's not necessary, but it can add to the fun. The painting of the toothpicks is a fun activity children and adults can do, and in the end, a nice pocket-size game, to find a little container for, and keep at home in the games cupboard, in a 'play within reach' basket next to the kitchen or coffee table, or in a tote to take along on trips.