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Pile-Up Disaster stacking game

Pile-Up Disaster stacking game

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The most skilled stacker doesn't automatically win.  Strategy, a steady hand, and a little bit of luck are all needed to ensure a victory.  

Anyone who thinks strategically, stacks up skilfully and acts lucky can defy the disaster and escape the malice of the other players.  The goal is to get rid of all the sticks.  The sticks are to be stacked atop the 'wobbly' base.  The die is spun like a spinning top, and the number that lands face up is the number of stick the player is to stack during their turn.

Nest Notes: Suggested for ages 7 years and up.  The starting age might depend on the individual, not in ability, but in temperament, as some young children may enjoy the practice and excitement, and some might feel more unduly stressed by the stacking games.  Suggestions to start with fewer sticks to begin with, only take out 1 stick each to start, and then introduce gradually more.

Made in Austria by Mader.

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