NatraCare Organic Cotton Ultra Extra Pads with Wings, Long 8 ct

SKU: NATRA 540500
$7.29 CAD $8.99

NatraCare Ultra Extra Pads Long give women comfortable, reliable protection as well as caring for our environment. The new Natracare ultra extra range of sanitary pads offers a whole new level of performance and quality, using organic and natural sustainable materials for superior comfort and dryness.

For use during menstruation, Natracare’s chlorine-free and 100% plastic-free pads provide the natural choice for women – helping you to avoid synthetic materials like rayon, plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene, chlorine bleaches, petroleum derived super absorbents, latex and skin irritants and chemicals such as fragrances and dyes, which are present in so many other feminine hygiene products
  • Ultra thin style
  • Double layers of protection for high performance absorption and extra comfort
  • Plastic free, perfume free, chlorine free
  • Biodegradable and compostable.
Materials: organic cotton, cellulose from wood pulp, corn starch
Made in Sweden.