Nature Anatomy notebook

ISBN 9781635861785

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A Place to Track and Draw Your Daily Observations

By Julia Rothman

Adults and children are irresistibly drawn to Julia Rothman’s best-selling illustrated guide to the natural world, Nature Anatomy, with its colorful drawings that awaken curiosity — and invite imitation.

With this companion volume, Rothman leads fans deeper into nature observation with her specially designed record pages for tracking daily nature sightings throughout the seasons. Her step-by-step technique tutorials for drawing a flower, a dragonfly, a robin, and much more, along with blank sketchbook pages, will inspire nature lovers and art enthusiasts of all ages to take up their own colored pencils or favorite pens and create their own unique Nature Anatomy Notebook.

Softcover, 176 pages.

Storey Publishing, 2019.


About the Author:

Julia Rothman is an illustrator, pattern designer, and author. In addition to working for clients such as the New York Times, Target, and Ann Taylor, she has her own lines of wallpaper, stationery, fabric, and dishware. Rothman has authored, co-authored, and illustrated ten books including Food Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and Farm Anatomy. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.