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NIC n2670

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Nic Combi Car vehicles are made of solid beech wood with stable steel axles.

Sturdy vehicles made of good solid wood are popular and at the same time timeless childhood classics.  As soon as babies and small children can get on and off independently, the time for the steps and glides has come. (Recommended for 1.5 years and up).  Then the momentum is gained with the feet and the first rides quickly escalate into small races through the home.  A very good, high quality of the children's wooden vehicles ensures that they are non-tilting, stable and accident-preventing.

The first children's vehicles can accompany children for years - until their legs have finally grown too long. (And even then, our experience has shown that big siblings can sometimes make themselves pretty small in order to put the wooden vehicles of their early childhood back into operation.  It's good if the wooden vehicles can "endure" it with their indestructible quality and stability. )

The Nic CombiCar is a real classic among the wooden slides or ride-on vehicles for children.  Made with great care and very elaborately by hand from the best beech wood, it also has stable steel axles and wooden wheels with PE tyres.  So it is an indestructible companion through many colorful childhood years.

After an optical revision, our trailer, suitable for all Combi Car ride-ons, is back in the range.  Whether it's building blocks, dolls, stuffed animals or even "real" little passengers, there's a place for a lot here.  It is unloaded through the rear flap without tilting function.  The flap slides up easily when unloading.  Like the entire Combi Car series, the trailer is also made of solid beech wood with great care and attention to detail.  The wooden wheels with PE tires are attached to a steel axle.

Dimensions of the CombiCar vehicle: approx. 59 x 40 x 26.5 cm, seat height: approx. 27 cm

Dimensions of the CombiCar trailer: approx. 51 x 24 x 32 cm