Ocamora 9 piece rainbow stacker, violet outer


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Ocamora Nesting Arch Violet (9pcs).

Dimensions: Length 32 cm and height 16.5 cm

Ocamora nesting arches are made in Spain with linden wood harvested from Spain and France. The wood is labeled with FSC certificates and the arches are treated with ecological and environmentally friendly products. The oils that are used to finish the Ocamora toys are a mixture of flax oil, tung and some vegetable oils. The stains that are used to colour the wood are made from water dyes. Both the oils and stains comply with the safety regulations for toys UNE EN 71/3.

The nesting arch is one of the most versatile wooden toys as it serves to stack, fit, and build. You can start using it early and as the game evolves, you will find more and more possibilities.

In the Montessori Pedagogy it is used to classify colours and sizes. The nesting arch is a self-correcting element, which means that you will tend to place it in the right place using the trial-error method, favouring such important characteristics as independence and self-esteem.

In Waldorf Pedagogy the nesting arch is associated with Goethe's colour theory. His 1810 book is an essential reference material for understanding the variables of the colour phenomenon and its application.

The arch is one of the most stable constructions that exist, essential in Architecture because it is the only structure that supports itself.

In Nature we can find it forming the vault of a cave, or they appear spontaneously by a rock collapse. In its concave form you can find valleys and depressions, such as the basin of a river.

Made in Spain by Ocamora.