On the Nature Trail

ISBN 9781635861976

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Jump-start curiosity with this take-along field guide for children ages 4 to 8. 

From worms, birds, and spiders to trees, flowers, and clouds, young explorers learn what to look and listen for wherever they are — whether in a nature preserve, an urban park, or a suburban backyard. 

Seek-and-find lists, on-the-trail art projects, and discovery games get kids engaged in hands-on learning about nature, and a real pull-out magnifying glass helps them get a close-up glimpse of leaf veins, seed pods, and tiny insects. 

Filled with activities, checklists, and stickers, this interactive nature guide belongs in every kid’s backpack.

Special lightweight durable hardcover, 48 pages.

Storey publishing.

Nest Notes: This is an excellent book for parents to have as a quick and easy resource for the richness that is always awaiting us outdoors each day.  How to make an acron cap whistle, inspiration for making music or paintbrushes out of found items, art with leaves and sticks, but also so, so much more.   It is accessible, and beautifully laid out for parents and children, instantly engaging and inviting, with the bites on inspiration and invitation to play that quickly carry over to the real world.  What's more, the ideas are open-ended and open up possibilities for mini projects or explorations, but they all seem to still hold a sensitivity and regard for free play.  Some basic identification and tips along the way do well to boost one's trail awareness and engagement, and one's confidence and comfort.  Noteworthy is that we found the plastic pouch for the magnifying glass is a little strong-smelling.  People on the more sensitive side may notice right away, and removing the plastic pouch from the interior of the front cover offers a partial solution.  Feedback has been given to the publisher.