organic cotton flannel cloths, set of 3

RUSKO 3710

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Soft, unbleached organic cotton flannel cloths.  Each cloth is 40 x 40 cm.  (Expect some shrinkage upon washing in hot water, and putting in the dryer.)

Nest Owners' Notes: One of the most consistently reached for products from our shop in our household for the last ten years.  These cotton flannel clothes are made to be folded inserts in baby's cloth diapers, and they do very well at providing extra absorbency for this.  Their other usefulness we quickly discovered in our household, is during middle of the night spills of glasses of water, incidents with wetness on the mattress or elsewhere.  Because they are such a soft, thin, yet super-absorbent layer, we'd find ourselves reaching for them to lay on a mattress to soak up some moisture and allow everyone to return to a cozy, dry sleep.

100% organic cotton.

Made in Finland by Ruskovilla.


About organic cotton from Ruskovilla:


•the soft surface does not irritate even the most sensitive skin
•well suited for children with allergies
•made from handpicked organic cotton
•unbleached and without any chemical residues
•absorbs moisture well
•its washability is very good

The cotton used by Ruskovilla is organically farmed Indian cotton. It is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The organic cotton is knitted in Finland and finished off with a soap wash.
More about our ecological cotton:
The principle behind organic production is to produce products whose manufacturing methods are not harmful to the environment or to the health and wellbeing of people, plants and animals.
Ecological cotton cultivation in a nutshell:
•biological pest control
•organic fertilizing
•crop rotation
•picked by hand
•social responsibility for the farmers and their families
Always wonderful to wear

Organic cotton is pleasant and breathable for the skin. It stands up well to washing, which makes it a suitable material for clothes that are washed often. Undyed and unwhitened organic cotton is safe particularly for children with allergies. A newborn’s skin is only about one-fifth the thickness of an adult’s skin. This means it is more sensitive to outside irritants, like clothing colours, whiteners and treatment agents, which are easily absorbed into the body through the skin. Ruskovilla’s organic cotton is safe for the little one’s skin.