organic merino wool baby socks

RUSKO 1800-1

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Wool socks keep baby's feet warm and dry.  The durability of pure 100% wool is more susceptible to wear than socks reinforced with man-made fibres, but for babies wearing these in their slippers and to sleep at night tucked into their pant legs, it is not a problem.  They are not recommended for wearing in boots or shoes where they will frequently be subject to a large amount of friction.

No moth-proof or anti-felt treatment.  Just pure undyed 100% merino wool.

Handwash or gentle machine wash with wool washing detergent. Hang to dry. Handwashing in room temperature water is preferred as the socks will tend to shrink slightly from too much agitation or extreme temperatures during machine washing.

Approximate Sizing.

For larger sizes, please see our listing for child's wool socks.

Made in Finland by Ruskovilla Oy.